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Sponsor a Child/Orphan

Our vision is to provide orphaned children or extremely poor children with a good future, a safe home and a caring family. We realize that it is not possible to help everyone who needs help.  However we want to help children who have a potential to develop the society they grow up in. Empowering children to be self sustaining in the future. This implies certain limitations and conditions:

With "Good Future" we mean primarily the children we help must have a good future. This means that the child initially is not fatal or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. In this case this type of aid requires different skills and greater economy. In such cases, we have chosen to refer to other organizations that possess the right expertise and who can provide appropriate support to that child.

With "Good Future" we also men that children should have the opportunity to access elementary school followed by high or vocational training at a technical college or university level. Through education children should be equipped to support themselves and their potential future family, community or nation.

With "safe home" we mean that the child will live in a house / home that has adequate standard conditions compared to the former situation they have been living in.  That child is offered the opportunity of growing up in an environment where security and a safe environment have priority.