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Church and Church Planting

All HGGM’s activities are build up from a church based approach. We consider the church to be a family. The body of believers where fellowship and mutual encouragement is  shaped. A place in which differences can be managed and lived beyond our limitations. Where our true identity is exercised. The church unites while the religion divides. The church transcends the historical limitation, divisions. It is Kingdom building not empire building. It is Christ-centered not man-centered. It is permanent while institutions are temporal. The core message we preach is summarized in these few words: loved to love.

HGGM has planted two churches, one church in Nakivale Settlement. This one is only formed of refugees specially from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Another church was planted in Mubende community. We gather together many different communities from different tribes. We use local languages to reach out and preach the Gospel.

Why we believe and preach what we believe?

Reasons are many to why we believe in the Grace of God and preach it. We just mention just a few:

  1. Grace brings the healing from the legalism message which has made the church man-centered instead of Christ-centered;
  2. Grace makes the believer avoid the self acquired righteousness other than the God given righteousness received as a gift from believing in Jesus Christ;
  3. Grace empowers the believer to be forgiving other than condemning;
  4. Under Grace sin shall not have dominion over the believers
  5. Under grace we serve not to be accepted but because we are accepted;
  6. Under grace Christianity is not a religion but a relationship;
  7. Christ and His finished work is the Gospel
  8. Under grace a new nature is imparted to us instead of our old evil nature reformed.