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From dependence to dignity: Farming for Sustainability

HGGM believes in creating local resources to respond to local needs without waiting for donors. The handout model have made many organizations, ministries or churches remain dependent of the donation model. This is our principle:help us or empower us to help ourselves. In the process of helping many have been hurt. This model can be a “helping without hurting the poor we aim to help”.

To be able to start this new approach, HGGM initiated a goat farm for orphans: it responds to the immediate needs of the orphans hosted in families, or some basic needs of children sponsored (like buying them shoes, clothes, or economical empowerment by receiving on offspring) without waiting to receive help from the sponsor. But also with this goat project we support refugee children who cannot afford education by selling the younger males.

This goat farming model is affordable, reproducible and sustainable. We dream to make it a big farm and a model which will help both the refugees in and with the hosting community to make sustainability a positive step for successful integration. With a slight empowerment both in the infrastructure setting, the extension of the farm, this can also become a business incubation model, where young entrepreneurs will get both the capacity and the seed capital/breed required to start their own farms.